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Baby Dodongo

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Quick Information
Appearance: OoT
Order: Dodongo (infant)
Habitat: Dodongo's Cavern; mainly underground
Quick Facts: Baby Dodongos live beneath the surface of the ground, only popping up if someone passes by.
Attack Pattern: They will then try to jump onto their opponent, if they miss the Baby Dodongo usually retreats back into the earth. When a Baby Dodongo is defeated it will lie on it back and a moment self-destructs furiously with an explosion.



This little creature is a Dodongo in a pre-mature phase. It resides underground for the most of the time, when something comes near it the Baby Dodongo will jump attack from under the earth against the opponent. If it fails to hit his enemy it will fall back onto the ground and most of the time it will try to dig itself in again.

Also Baby Dodongos can’t breath fire like there bigger cousins, also they have hardly developed any limbs this means they have to wiggle around in way just like a snake does. One thing all types of Dodongo do have in common is the way they self destruct upon their defeat, if one is destroyed it will collapse and starts to glow red. After one or two seconds it will violently explode devastating anything that is close to it. Baby Dodongo tend to fall on their backs, which also includes some convulsive movements before it finds its rest.

In the Gamecube's Master Quest version of the game the number of Baby Dodongos has decreased in Dodongo's Cavern. Although a few new Baby Dodongos also appeared in the Spirit Temple.

Relevant Quotes

Navi's Description:

Baby Dodongo
Watch out for its leaping attack!
It will explode after it's defeated!

Miscellaneous Notes

Perhaps the method of staying underground and waiting for a enemy to get near and then jump it, it could also be used to attack its prey. Since the Dodongos are some small in this stage they are an easy target for bigger creatures. Also Baby Dodongos tend to attack in groups of two or three casually. So they could hunt in groups as well.

Also next to the regular Dodongos there is also the a fully evolved version called the King Dodongo. Only one of these appeared in the Ocarina of Time, he was the boss of "Dodongo's Cavern" and guarding the Goron's Ruby.


Country Name
Japanese ベビードドンゴ (BEBII DODONGO)
English Baby Dodongo
French Dodongo Junior
German Baby-Dodongo


The German translation rather calls it a Junior Dodongo instead of a baby.

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