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Baba Bud

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Bulb-shaped blue plant that sometimes remains when a Boko Baba is slain. Can catapult a person high into the air and refill his magic in the process.

Quick Information
Appearance: TWW
Order: Plant
Habitat: Forest Haven, Forbidden Woods
Quick Facts: Baba Buds help you reaching new heights and refill small portions of your magic meter
Attack Pattern: Baba Buds don't attack



These small plants are rarely found outside Forest Haven and the Forbidden Woods. One exception for example is the bud in the secret cavern of the Cliff Plateau Isles. The entire plant consists of 4 green leaves and a huge purple flower, this flower is big enough to swallow Link and it will spit him out again allowing Link to fly to reach new heights. When you reach the peak of the jump you can unfold the Deku Leaf allowing you to traverse great distances in the air.

Baba Buds tend to heal you Magic a little if you get swallowed by one. The amount is equal to two small segments of the Magic Bar, this is enough to fire 4 Light Arrows. Also if you don't move the control stick you will fall back into the bud again, this method is nice when you wish to refill your Magic Meter very quickly.

Boko Babas disguise themselves by mimicing the same appearance as a Baba Bud, they will wait for its prey to come close thinking that it is a regular Baba Bud. When the prey is close enough the monsterous plant appears and tries to bite the enemy. Luckily for Link Boko Babas are easily defeated, and after a Boko Baba is defeated it will sometimes leave a Baba Bud behind.

Miscellaneous Notes

According to the description of Boko Baba at the NPG it says that a Boko Baba tends to mimic a Baba Bud, this means that the Boko Baba is not a relivate of the Baba Bud. It is only imitating the Baba bud. However some Boko Babas leave a Baba Bud behind, so you would say that they are of the same family. How would they else be able to leave such a bud. This leads to a contradicion, which leaves a mystery about the connection between the Baba Bud and Boko Baba that will likely never be solved.

Relevant Quotes

NPG description of the Boko Baba:

Boko Baba
Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Spoils: Boko Baba Seeds
These creatures that mimic Baba Buds attempt to swallow anything that comes near. Defeat them by stunning them with a jump attack and then cutting their stems.


Country Name
Japanese  ?
English Baba Bud
French Bui baba
German Plantahumpa
Spanish Bui baba
Italian Nefentia


All translations are similar to the Boko Baba translation of each language, hence that is the reason some of them are not so similar in this table.

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