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Link's cute little sister. Gives Link her telescope for his birthday, and soon after gets captured by Helmaroc King because of her resemblance to Zelda. After being rescued, she travels with Tetra's pirates until returning home to Outset Island.



Good-natured, light-hearted, and energetic, Aryll has an unusual fondness for seagulls - and vice versa. The little sister of TWW Link, Aryll is the first character seen in TWW. Slightly smaller than Link, she wears her blonde hair in short pigtails and often wears a blue dress with red flowers.


After awakening Link on his birthday so he can recieve the Hero's Clothes from their Grandma, she gives him a telescope with which they witness the battle between the pirates and the Helmaroc King. After Link rescues Tetra, trouble arrives: when Aryll rushes across the bridge to greet Link, she fails to notice the Helmaroc King. She is mistaken for Tetra, kidnapped, and taken to Forsaken Fortress. Fortunately, Link catches a ride with Tetra and the pirates to save Aryll. Immediately prior to Link's final battle with the Helmaroc King, Aryll is rescued by the pirates along with the Windfall Island girls, Maggie and Mila. All four girls - Maggie, Mila, Aryll, and Tetra - were kidnapped because of their pointed ears, which were known to be a characteristic of Princess Zelda.

Relevant Quotes

  • Nintendo Gallery Description:
 Birthplace: Outset Island
 Personality: Kind and true to her family
 Link's energetic younger sister is
 adored by all who meet her. Her current
 goal is to learn how to fetch water so she
 can help out her grandmother.
 Her most treasured belonging is a telescope
 bearing a drawing of a seagull.
  • Conversations:

These quotes are in addition to those already covered in the Wind Waker Quotes document.

After receiving the telescope:

Don't you know how to use my Telescope?
It's really easy to use, Big Brother...
Press START/PAUSE, then set the Telescope to Y, Z, or X on the items screen. Then you can use it just by pressing the button you set it to! It's simple!

On looking through the telescope

Hey, what's that? Link! Are you 
looking at the red postbox?
The postman looks kinda weird doesn't he?

After Tetra falls into the forest:

Wh-what are you going to do if you go into
the forest and that big bird attacks you?!
You need something to fight it off with!!!


Language Name (from NPG)
Japanese アリル ('ARIRU')
English Aryll
French Arielle
German Aril
Spanish Abril
Italian Aril


With the exception of the Spanish version all games call her Aryll phonetically. The Spanish version means literally "April".


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