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Angler Key

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This small key has symbol of a fish on it and can be found in the northwest corner of Yarna Desert, where it is guarded by a Lanmola who lives there. The Key is needed to open the path to the Level 4 Dungeon: Angler's Tunnel. Once you put this item in the Angler Keyhole, the waterfall will stop causing the water level to drop so you can get to the Tunnel by dropping of at the top of the mountain where the waterfall was.


Country Name
Japanese アングラーのカギ ( ANGURĀ no KAGI)
English Angler Key
French Clé Poisson
German Wunder-Schlüssel


The French (Fish Key) and German (Miracle Key) translations are a bit different here. I wonder how the translators got to Wunder-Schlüssel .

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