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Among the Poes there is a group of four which call themselves the Poe (Ghost) Sisters. Within this group of four, the green poe Amy is the youngest.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time the Poe Sisters inhabit the Forest Temple. Amy in particular is located on the first floor on the east side. You can find her just after going through the corridor with the falling ceiling.

To challenge her you need to shoot an arrow at her picture. This will cause five blocks to drop down from the ceiling. All you have to do now is form Amy image again using four of them. The fifth is a part of Joelle’s picture. It is only there to hinder you in your efforts. If you fail to get the picture complete the puzzleblocks will turn and you will have to start all over again, with some extra time added to the counter. Once the puzzle is solved Amy will appear. Beat her just like the other two poes Beth and Joelle.

Majora's Mask

In Majora’s Mask the Ghost Sisters are part of a mini-game which involves beating them all in 2 minutes for a Piece of Heart (or 50 rupees if you already did this once). This mini-game can be played at Ikana Canyon’s Ghost Hut, which is near the well and just behind the Music Box House. The dark one-eyed figure will ask you to free the 4 spirit’s souls. For 30 rupees you can participate and Amy is the first one of the four you will do battle against.

Miscellaneous Notes

According to Tatl, Amy is the youngest of the four sisters. The name: Poe Sisters became Ghost Sisters in MM; why the translators changed this is beyond me. Also these four are the only poes who won’t leave a floating spirit behind when they’re defeated.

Relevant Quotes

OoT Navi’s Advice:

Amy - one of the Poe sisters
Aim for her when she appears!

MM Tatl’s Advice:

It's Amy, youngest of the four
ghost sisters. Target her when
she appears! You got that?


Country Name (OoT) Name (MM)
Japanese エイミー (EIMĪ) エイミー (EIMĪ)
English Amy Amy
French Amy Amy
German Amy Etti
Spanish  ? Amy


The German MM translator found it necessary to rename all four Poe Sisters into four rhyming names: "Betti", "Hetti", "Netti" and "Etti". So that is probably why Amy's name is completely different.

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