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Ambi's Tower

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A great tower built by order of Queen Ambi. She hopes to guide her missing sea-faring husband home with it. Called the Black Tower after Nayru's arrival.



The tower was originally constructed by Ambi, to help her seafaring love return from the sea. Her boyfriend is the Cap'n, captain of a group of pirates which call themselves Piratians. As Veran invaded the past using Nayru's body and used Ambi to do as she want. The unfinished tower was changed into the Black Tower. To speed up the work Veran used Nayru again to stop the day-night cycle and create a infinitely long day. This would mean that the workers will have to work 24/7 all the time.

Miscellaneous Notes

Even after Link destroyed Veran the tower is still known to be the Black Tower. This is strange as it no longer is used for evil, it might as well have become Ambi’s Tower again.

Relevant Quotes

One of the Villagers: (I think the villager means Seas instead of lands)

Queen Ambi had a
seafaring man.
But he set sail
one day and
never came back.
She's building a
tall tower so
she can search
the lands for
any sign of his
It's called
Ambi's Tower.
It was a
touching tale...

The guard at the entrance of the Tower:

At first, this
tower was being
built to guide
Queen Ambi's
love safely back
from the sea.
But ever since
Nayru came, the
sun sits high in
the sky as if
time itself has
It's not like
Queen Ambi to
push us so hard.
In the village,
they've started
calling it the
Black Tower.


Country Name
Japanese アンビ女王の塔 (Anbi no Tou)
English Ambi’s Tower
French Tour d’Ambi
German Ambis Turm
Spanish Torre de Ambi
Italian Torre di Ambi

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