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A special shop that will only be open when you play on a GBA. Also called the Advance Shop in short.



Also known as the "Advance Shop", this is mainly due to the abbreviation used when viewing the shop on the world map. Everything is priced at 100 rupees in here. These Advance Shops exist in both Oracle games and can only be entered when playing on a Gameboy Advance. The one in OoA is located in Lynna Village in the Past, next to the Shooting Gallery. The other in OoS is on the left of the “know-it-all-birds” hut on the west side of Horon Village.

Miscellaneous Notes

Inside you can find a shopkeeper who sells you one Gasha Seed and two rings all for 100 rupees each. In the Oracle of Ages one ring is the GBA Time Ring and in Oracle of Seasons one of the two rings is the GBA Nature Ring. The second is any randomly selected common ring.

The Oracle of Seasons’ Advance Shop also has a little boy inside who will tell you about his life has been ‘advanced’. The Linked game of the Oracle of Ages will have Nayru and Impa outside the shop at the end of the game, waiting for you to beat Ganon.

Relevant Quotes

Oracle of Ages / Seasons

From the shopkeeper inside:

”Welcome, sir...
to the 100 Rupee Advance Shop.
I'm amazed you found us!
We're only found on
Game Boy Advance!
Everything is 100 Rupees.
Don't let our secret out!”


Country Name
Japanese ... ショップアドバンス ('... SHOPPU ADOBANSU')
English 100 Rupee Advance Shop
French Boutique 100 Rubis
German 100-Rubine-Advance Shop
Spanish Todo a 100 para Advance
Italian Advance Shop delle 100 rupie

The translations are quite close to the original, except for the Spanish. Japanese people don't really have an letter ‘v’ therefore it is mostly replaced with a ‘b’, hence the shop was named Shoppu Adobansu.

The Spanish translation is really special. A "Todo a 100" is a shop where (in Spain) you could buy things for just 100 pesetas (the Spanish old currency, 100 pts is about 0.72$). Although Spain changed from pesetas to euros, the shops remained with the same name (although more expensive). The translator felt necessary to call the 100 Rupee Advance Shop like those Spanish shops, so the only change to the name was to add the word Advance, without mentioning the Rupees

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