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1/2 Magic simply halves the amount of magic needed to perform a magic attack. You can get it after obtaining the magic hammer from the Dark Palace (Dark World dungeon #1). After getting it go to Smithy’s shop to enter a hole. Pour some magic powder over the green structure, and a purple bat with a split personality will awaken. He then “curses” you by cutting your magic by half to punish you for awakening him. This might be scary until you realize that 1/2 magic is actually good, since it actually effectively doubles your magic power instead of halving it. It can be quite useful in combination with the Magic Cape or the Fire Rod.


Magic Consumption

After doing some research I have been able to tell the following about the magic meter in ALttP. Your magic meter when completely filled has 128 Magic Points. Each time you use magic, a number is subtracted from your total. For every 8 points used or added the meter will change.

Spell Full Magic 1/2 Magic
Magic Lamp ALttP.png Magic Lamp 4 2
Magic Powder ALttP.png Magic Powder 8 4
Ice Rod ALttP.png Ice Rod 16 8
Fire Rod.png Fire Rod 16 8
Cane of Somaria.png Cane of Somaria 8 4
Cane of Byrna.png Cane of Byrna 16/second 8/second
Magic Cape.png Magic Cape 16/second 8/second
Bombos.png Bombos 32 16
Ether.png Ether 32 16
Quake.png Quake 32 16

For the sake of completeness here's also a small table that shows the amount of Magic Points you recover from certain items:

Magic Recovery Item Points added
MagicBottleSmall.gif Small Magic Bottle 16
MagicBottleBig.gif Big Magic Bottle 128
GreenPotion.gif Green Potion 128
BluePotion.gif Blue Potion 128

Relevant Quotes

Here's what the purple bat yells at you when you wake him up:

Hey! Blast you for waking me
from my deep, dark sleep!
...I mean, thanks a lot, sir!
But now I will get my revenge
on you. Get ready for it!
...Err, is that OK with you,

Heh heh heh! I laugh at your
misfortune! Now your magic
power will drop by one half!
Now, do your best, even though
I'm sure it won't be enough!
Have a nice day! See you!


Entry submitted by Iron Knuckle.

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