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There is not much to tell about his life. This person lives inside a toilet. He is always in a distressing situation, but not much else is known about him. He features two games so far: Majora's Mask & the Oracle of Ages. As visible by the pictures of ??? the only thing we can see of him in the actual game is his arm.

Majora's Mask

He lives in the Stock Pot Inn’s restroom in this game. His hand comes out of the toilet after midnight and goes back in before dawn of the next day. When you talk to him he will ask for a piece of paper. If you give him any Land Title Deed or any letter he will be most grateful. Bare in mind that you don’t get the item back, so if you needed it you will have to go back to the next cycle to get it all over again. In return he gives you something that flushed in his ‘room.’ The first time it is a Piece of Heart. Doing this again in another time cycle will get you a Blue Rupee.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, he probably used the sewer system to get into the toilet of the Lynna Village of the past. He is located just to the north of the Black Tower, where the Know-it-All Birds hut is located in the present. Give him the Stationary Fine Paper you get from the Postman to help him out of his dire situation. In return you get the Stink Bag, which can be used in your quest for an upgraded sword.

Relevant Quotes

Majora's Mask

After giving ??? some paper:

(??? gives a thumb up)
Ho! You saved me...
(Toilet flushes)
This fell down here...
I’ll give it to you.
(hands over a Piece of Heart / Blue Rupee)

After ??? is noted down in the Bombers' Notebook:

???...Who? Well, that person
was added to your notebook!

Oracle of Ages

In this game the guy (is it a 'he' anyway?) needs some paper:

P-paper! Do you have any paper? 
Give him the Stationery? -Yes -No 
(Answer Yes)
(Link gives Stationery Fine Paper)
(??? hands over the Stink Bag)
Take this.

You can do some funny things with the hand. Try the following for some nice reactions:

Action ???'s Response
Push the pot into his hole Noooo!
Place an Ember Seed into the toilet Ooo... hot
Throw a bomb into his home Koff!
Let a Bombchu crawl inside  ??? (bombchu explodes) Koff!
Use a Scent Seed Ewwww!


Country Name(MM) Name(OoA)
Japanese ?? 手 ('te')
English  ??? -
French  ??? -
German  ??? -
Spanish ¿¿¿??? -


Japanese Name

As visible in the chart the original given name by the developer of the game is only two Question Marks in MM and "Hand" in the Oracle of Ages. For some unknown reason all the translators did not even tranlate his name in OoA; he is never refered to by name at all in that game.

Spanish Question Raiser

There is a little change in the Spanish name, because when you ask a question in Spanish you write ¿”Question here”?. Therefore his name becomes: “¿¿¿???”.

Miscellaneous Notes

??? might be a tribute to urban legends in Japan about demons or ghosts living in toilets and bathrooms. According to information submitted by The White Trio:

There is a Japanese urban legend that a demon called Bukimi-chan lives in toilet in high schools. Once someone "finishes there business", she asks them to pick either red, blue, or white. Whichever color they choose is the color toilet paper she hands them.
There is also a similar story about a girl named Hanako-san who is supposed to haunt high school bathrooms, and one about about a man named Aka Manto who lives in the toilet in the last stall in the women's bathroom. He asks them which color they like better, blue or red. It they pick red, they are cut to death. If they pick blue, they are hanged.

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